The Best Time to Have a Protein Shake

Any bodybuilder, weightlifter or athlete can tell you the importance of protein. You will learn that protein is an excellent source of natural energy and can be found in all kinds of foods.

Protein is an essential building block for muscle tissue. A human muscle cell is usually made up of mostly simple protein fragments called amino acids. Amino acids are molecules that are arranged to make various types of protein molecules. The body can make any kind of protein it needs out of amino acids. However, it needs a strong pool where it can gather the necessary amino acids fragments.

If you're interested in strength training or muscle building, a protein shake should be included in your daily diet at least a couple times a the bare minimum!

You might now be asking, when is the best time to take your protein shake? We think there are actually two very beneficial times when a protein shake will work the best for you. This depends on the reason why you're using the protein and how many grams of proteins you want to consume on a daily basis.

If you're a fully-fledged bodybuilder, you are likely to be taking a protein supplement a number of times a day. If you are not bodybuilding, you do not need to consume that much protein in a day. You will learn that a healthy diet normally has enough protein for the average man or woman.

A protein shake should be used as a supplement to help ensure that this is happening and as a convenient meal which is easily digested and quickly reaches the bloodstream.


As a bodybuilder, it's advisable that you take your protein shake in the morning. You will find that your body has generally had about 8 hours with no food intake and will be low in energy and protein. This is the reason why you should take it early in the morning. This is when a protein shake will work well to give your muscles a quick boost and get the protein to them quickly to help them continue to build muscle.

The second key time to take your protein shake is within 30 minutes of your workout. This is actually the most important time to take your protein shake during the day. This is because your muscles will be demanding protein content.

In addition, a protein shake will quickly be digested by the body and will reach the bloodstream much quicker than any other meal.

Get Protein Quickly

One of the many advantages of taking a protein shake is the speed at which it gets into the bloodstream. You will find that a protein shake is normally in a liquid form. This means that it can reach the blood stream much faster than any other meal type. In addition, protein shake does not need much digestion.

Protein shakes are very beneficial because they can be made easily and usually get absorbed by the body quicker than food. A protein shake normally has low fat content. Unlike high protein foods such as eggs, protein shakes do not cause allergies; they're also full of other vitamins and they will fill you up.

Lose Body Fat

If you want to lose weight and body fat, protein shakes will help you a great deal. They are actually known as meal replacement sources. They will help you take in less calories and still enable you to get the essentials that you need for a healthy and balanced life.

Quick Summary

Protein shakes can help you in bodybuilding and other types of health and fitness growth and recovery. They are one of the best fitness supplements that can help you a great deal. Take a protein shake today and you will enjoy and reap the results!

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