Challenge Yourself Fitness

Challenging yourself is no easy task. You have to be focused, determined, and dedicated. You also have to know what you really want. Do you want to lose weight? Gain weight? Get ripped? Do you want to run faster? Lift more weight from the week before? etc. The list goes on.

However, once you figure out what you want to challenge yourself to do, the rest is just planning and being able to execute that plan.

Having expectations for yourself: If you're new to weightlifting or even if you not, you should know that nothing comes overnight. There is no magic without hard work.

Remember not to set outlandish or impossible goals. Start small and build your way up.

Here's an example

You're on let's say the bench press and you can bench 125 pounds around 10 times. Your goal is to increase your bench 10 pounds in a 2 1/2 week period making it come out to 135 pounds. Alright! Your first step is to get a scribbler or a notepad and track and record your progress.

For instance, on your next workout go up 2-5 pounds and see how many times you can lift it. Mark it down on your notepad. If you didn't lift it 10 times, get a spotter to help you. Do this weight until you can do it comfortably 10 times and then raise it another 2-5 pounds.

Once you reach your goal, plan a new one and if you're having trouble, don't beat yourself up. Instead push yourself and focus on the troubled area.

Look back on your workout to see what needs improvement. Also, if you're by yourself at the gym and need a spotter, don't be shy. Most people are glad to help.

By learning your body and the way it works, you will be able to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. You will be able to lose weight, gain weight, get ripped, slim down, or achieve whatever you want to accomplish.

Never give up!

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