Mind over Muscle

A little will ago I was reading the paper when I came across a story. The story was about how a mother saved her child that was being crushed by a 2 ton car. The mother without thinking rushed to the child's rescue and lifted the 2 ton car and freed the child. The mother was only 120 pounds.

The mother acted on impulse and her adrenalin took over. This example shows you how extraordinary the mind can be.

Now let me show you how this applies to your training.

Getting Focused

Before you even lift a weight your mind has to be open and focused on your daily goals that you set for yourself. When you walk into the gym your mind should not be thinking about anything else but the task at hand.

You should always set goals when you're at the gym.

Example Your doing bench press. Your weights are stacked and you're ready to go.

You grab the bar and get a proper grip. Now instead of diving into the set you close your eyes and visualize yourself first doing the exercise. Do this three times in your head. Then do the exercise, by making yourself believe that you have already done the exercise. You will be able to do the exercise and achieve your goals.

This doesn't just go for bench-pressing you can apply this visualization technique to every exercise.

The key to successful and rewarding workouts is your battle plan or journal.

In your journal you should track your progress from each workout. This way you will know what's working and you will also be able to strengthen your weaknesses.

In bodybuilding it's not always how much a person can lift or how strong they are that counts. What count's is routine, proper form, diet, cardio and supplementation.

By training your mind you will be able to push your body to new limits and achieve every goal that you set for yourself. As long as you lay out a plan to get there.

Editor's note: If you really want to understand the mind, read the book Dianetics, by L. Ron Hubbard.

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