Shaving for Fitness or Figure Competition

Fitness competitions and/or figure competitions usually require the addition of a fake tan depending on a number of factors. From your own skin color to the time of year it is and where you live, all will play an important part on how you prepare for your next or first fitness or figure competition you want to enter.

Probably the most important tip for anyone wanting to shave for a figure competition is to select and try your choice of shaving long before you actually compete. There are a number of good reasons for this, depending on what type of hair removal method you select it could lead to cuts and nicks that don't heal before the competition, to razor burn and a negative reaction to hair removal cream.


If you're no very hairy then shaving is your cheapest option, although buying a good shaving kit may cost some money. It is strongly advised that you shave a good few times before you compete so that your skin gets used to the type of shaving that you do.


Waxing has two advantages; firstly it will remove the hair at the root which means you won't have to shave for a good month. Secondly it is a better option for ladies with dark hair because it'll remove the whole of the hair follicle but may result in a few unwanted side effects like red bumps or torn skin so be sure not to wax a day before you compete.

Chemical Removal:

Although chemical hair removal by using products such as Nair is the least favorite option selected by most female competitors, it nevertheless has some good benefits in that it will leave a smooth clear finish. This chemical removal option should definitely be something that you try long before you actually compete.

If you don't use chemicals or hair removal cream on a regular basis it is strongly advised that you use it a good few weeks before you compete. The reason for that is that these chemicals can sometimes cause an adverse reaction that can be large unsightly red bumps, pain and raised red skin.

In conclusion, there are many alternatives when choosing how you select a way to remove your body-hair. We have listed the top three most popular methods of removing hair above. It is highly recommended that you do some research and try the most effective hair removal system for you at least a few weeks before you actually compete by going to look at alternatives like

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