Vivianna Fitness Model

Ripped: Hi Vivianna. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to talk with us today. So what made you interested in fitness in the beginning?

Vivianna: I was a very unsecured timid person when I started working out. I only weighed 92 lbs. back then.

Ripped: What do you do for fun besides modeling and fitness?

Vivianna: I love to rollerblade. I love music, dancing. I love to travel, but most of all I love to teach people about nutrition and training. That's why I opened my own training business. I feel very happy when I can help others achieved their goals and see a smile on their face.

Ripped: Is there an exercise you prefer to do over others?

Vivianna: Yes, I love to do all exercises, but shoulders are my favorite body part!

Ripped: Also, if there was one part of you body you could change, what would it be and why?

Vivianna: I would love to change and build my quads more.

Ripped: What's your favorite food and why?

Vivianna: Fettuccini alfredo with shrimp. I love Italian food. Pastas are my favorites with seafood.

Ripped: What's your favorite thing to do besides working out?

Vivianna: Spend some time with my family, especially my handsome 6 year old nephew, James Jodell.

Ripped: Do you workout a lot?

Vivianna: Yes, 6 times a week.

Ripped: What kind of food do you eat to keep you in such great shape?

Vivianna: I diet all year long and only cheat on the weekends. I usually eat chicken, steak, and turkey for protein and for carbs only potatoes and brown rice.

Ripped: Are you using any supplements in your diet?

Vivianna: Yes, I'm using Sci Fit Products.

Ripped: Are you planning to enter any fitness contests in the near future?

Vivianna: Yes.

Ripped: Do you have any advice to give to our readers?

Vivianna: The only way you can make others smile is if you can give a smile to yourself first. But first, thank God for giving you a beautiful life full of health. The rest you just have to work hard at and have a goal in life. Without Him, nothing is possible.

Ripped: Thanks for talking with us today Vivianna. You have an exciting future ahead of you!

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